Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! Here, we’ve compiled answers to some general questions about purchasing the Shopify theme, Praise. If you’ve already installed Praise, visit our support center for guides and support

Yes. Shopify allows you to try out any theme before you purchase it. Once you know that it’s a sure fit, then you can purchase the theme and make your new website live.

You love it, right? We thought you would. Installing this theme is easy.

  • Click this link
  • You’ll be asked to login to your existing Shopify account or prompted to get started with a new account
  • You’ll then get access to the Praise Theme which will be installed onto your store
  • Only pay when you publish your website live. When you’re ready, press “Buy” on your theme and Shopify will guide you through payment

Yes. In order to install and use this theme, you must sign-up for Shopify. You get an unlimited free trial when you sign up for Shopify and only pay when you publish your website live

The Praise Theme costs a one-time charge of $290

Shopify requires you to sign up for a Shopify plan in order purchase any theme you have installed to your Shopify store. You have the option to pay for your Shopify plan monthly or yearly, and they have 3 tiers of plans available. Additionally, they offer the first 3 months at $1/month on select plans. Learn more

Think of a theme like a website template. Its a set of predefined settings and page layouts that allow you to customize them in a way that fits your brand best. Once you’re done customizing a theme by updating colors, fonts, layouts, images and more, you’ve built yourself a tailored website that feels unique and ready to be viewed by the world.

The supporting documentation included with this theme makes it easy for merchants to build their own stores. If you’d like someone to build your site to custom specifications, we have highly qualified partners that will build your site to any specifications you need. Reach out to them here. The Praise Theme customer service team will not help you build your site. If you need info on how to get started or how to use the features of this theme, reference our support center